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Want the best looking rotors but also the best performance ? we got you 


Our rotors are designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, CA, utilizing the finest materials and CNC processes to ensure the highest quality form, function, fit, and finish. These 100% American-made, fully floating, 3-piece rotors are designed with an aggressive look and the ability to outperform any other rotor on the market. Our rotors are designed to operate at a cooler temperature while maintaining predictability and repeatability in even the most challenging riding environments.

We are the only brake company in the industry that offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and the only one that offers a lifetime guarantee on our rotors, when used exclusively with Lyndall brake pads. That’s because the real magic is in our brake pads - all of our pads are fully organic and come in three different compounds to match your riding style.

We also manufacture American-made wheels, sprockets, and pulleys. Our wheels are rotary forged from 6061 T6 aluminum. This is a super lightweight metal that is stronger than most steels. Lyndall sprockets and pulleys are laser cut from 7075 T6 aluminum, which is also commonly used in aerospace technology.