HOGLIGHTS AUSTRALIA -5.75" 50W HOGLIGHT - Headlight only

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See and be seen!

We all know that LED Headlights are brighter, whiter and give a superior light over the standard lights manufactures put into bikes, they are worse then riding with a BIC out front! 

HogLights announces our new 50w 5.75" LED headlamp to light up your ride!  These units are almost twice as bright as our previous 5.75" headlamps and are sure to let you see and be seen. 

These will fit a variety of HD's & Triumph's with a 5.75" bucket.  Check our lists below or search our database above for correct fitments. 

  • 5-3/4" Headlamp with black or chrome back plate
  • Feature two "D" shaped optical lenses, single low-beam lens, and three high-beam lenses
  • Low-beam pattern remains on at all times, and the switched high beams adds additional punch down the middle of the road
  • LED lamps are DOT & Emark compliant